Wall-Mounted EV Charging Station with Type 2 Outlet


Product Specification

Model : BS-B10B-A
Mode: A ( with type 2 outlet)
Certificate: TUV, CE
Current: 32A singple phase
Power: 7.2kw
Size: 500*350*25 mm
Weight: 5kg


Key Features

-High compatibility. It can charge all EVs manufactured in Europe, correctly and effectively.

-Easy to install. Products are sent to clients with associated installation tools. Users are able to install the charger at home only with a prepared impact drd with a lock on the side. Firmly locking the charger on the installation backplane can prevent theft.

-Containing the intelligent chip. It can automatically repair minor charging problems while charging. When a fault occurs, the lights will blink in different ways to indicate different problems.

How to Use

A. How to start charging

1. Make sure the charger is well connected with the power.

2. Use your Mode 3 EV charging cable to connect the charger with the EV.

3. Press the button on the charger to start

B. How to stop charging

1. The charger will stop automatically when the charging is finished.

2. Disconnect the Mode 3 EV cable from the charger and the EV on its both ends.

3. You can stop charging by pressing the button in case of an emergency.

C. How to know the charging status

Working Condition LED Display Status
Power (green) Charge (green) Fault (red)
Connected the power ON OFF OFF
Normal charging ON ON OFF
Charging fault ON OFF ON
Charging completed ON OFF OFF

Good to Know

-This EV charging station is special for home use. It doesn’t have the billing function.

-This is a Mode A charger, and just has an outlet. You need an extra Mode 3 EV cable to connect the charger with the EV. If you don’t have a Mode 3 EV cable, please choose our Mode C charger, with an about 20 feet long cable and a type 1 or type 2 plug.

-If you have no experience in installing electrical equipment, please contact the local electrician for assistance.

-This charger has precise internal structure. Please do not take it apart without any professional technical support. Any questions, please contact our Customer Service Manager at the first time.

-Do not install it outside without any shelter.

-This charger is only for EV charging. Please don’t use it in any other occasions.

Package Including

– EV charger *1

– user manual *1

– installation drawing *1

– setscrew *4

– metal backboard *1

Package Measurement and Weight

Item No: BS-B10B-A

Packages: 1 carton inner box

Packing Size: 50*35*25(cm) / 19.6*13.7*9.8((in)

Weight: 2.5kg

Product Professional Data

– Protection class:IP54;

– Accuracy class of Intelligent AC energy meter:level 2.0;

– Residual current protection rating action current:30 mA;

– Residual current protection rating action time:≤0.1 s;

– Power code contact of connector:AC220 V,16A;

– Remote controllable charger;

– Peak-valley time charging reservation;

– Connector mechanical operation life:≥10000 times;

– Mean time between failures (MTBF):≥8760 h;

Parts Can Be Customized

You can customize the charger colour, LOGO and design.

Instructions & Documents

Please contact us for detailed instructions